Getting children ready to go!! To school or anywhere else

Getting children ready to go!! To school or anywhere else
Do you have a tough time getting  your children
 ready to go !! - To school or anywhere else

Transition is as difficult as it gets for kids, and in turn even more difficult for us. Just getting a child up and out for school, in itself is such a daunting task that it leaves us exhausted, mentally and physically, for the rest of the day. 

Kids don't understand the concept of time. They don't understand what going to school at 9:00 a.m means, or what tomorrow is, or what the weekend is. 
What they do understand.. is the sequence of events, so if breakfast is always after brushing, and school time is after breakfast. Then each day as they finish their breakfast, they know that they have to leave for school next , and just knowing that… makes the transition much easier for them. 
It's because kids don't enjoy surprises in their routine. That is why maintaining a strong rhythm is so important. 

So if you follow the same sequence of events each morning, the child is prepared in advance for the next event, and the transition from one event to the next is much smoother,  for both you and the child.

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