About Me

I am a software engineer + IT consultant, who for the past decade has been passionately working on child development, coaching parents and training teachers. How I got here is a longer story for when we meet, and if you are curious. 
I have spent the last decade researching and studying on child development and best practices to raise children. Of everything I have learnt from various mentors around the world, and being a parent myself, I have come to believe that evolution demands change. With the world changing at such a fast pace, we have to be more conscious as parents/mentors and raise conscious children. 
This change is not just a decision, but a lifetime journey. My purpose is  to help parents and mentors through this journey, with my share of knowledge and experience. 

Before beginning your journey with a coach, it is important to understand the work done by them. I believe this is a very personalized and individual journey, where a lot of work is required before one can facilitate this journey. 
Keeping this in mind, I spend some part of my time, everyday furthering my research and studies in the field of child development and parenting, learning from the best in their field. 
As much as this theoretical knowledge helps me guide other people, I also believe that I need to do the work myself first, whether it is seeking growth or practicing what I preach. Hence I have taken it as a part of my purpose to seek guidance from the best mentors in the world, while I continuously grow and work on myself. 
This practice makes me even more adept to help children, parents and mentors that seek guidance through this journey.