Schools and other organizations looking to mentor their faculty, parents & employees on child-development, mentoring and parenting.

Kathmandu World School (Parenting Session)

This session was unique, not just cause it was my first audience of 147 parents in one room, but because each one of them was willing to work towards consciousness and changing and evolving themselves.
When I started with this work with parents, I didn't have any numbers in mind. I just wanted to help one parent at a time, one child at a time. I believed it wasn't important how many lives I could influence, but it was important to keep doing the work, believing that each one of those people would create a further impact.

But moments like these, when I see the enthusiasm, and the intent towards transformation, makes me want to spread this knowledge to as many people as possible.

A big thank you to Kathmandu World School for beginning this initiative and helping parents learn.

Kathmandu World School (Teachers Training)

Kathmandu World School being a school of the modern era, focused on educating the children for tomorrow, requested me to do a workshop for their teachers, to establish a new era of teaching. 

The workshop focused on how we can change the ‘Culturscapes’ and established rules, to bring about changes in their education system, to be able to design it more towards the way children like to learn as opposed to the way we have always wanted to teach them. 

It was energising to see the teaching staff so eager to learn more and more, despite their expertise. 

Uniglobe School

Uniglobe being an all inclusive school, invited mentors and parents from different schools in the valley to attend a workshop on how we can ‘Manage Emotional Outbursts in Young Children’. 

This was an interesting and interactive session where the audience explored the complexity of a child's brain development, based on which they gathered insights on how to navigate different scenarios with children, as mentors and parents.  

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